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Case Study : Easing access to vital information in remote population

GAIUS has partnered with the Spoken Tutorial team at IIT Mumbai who are currently working on several rural empowerment projects funded by the Government of India, Ministry of Human Resource Development. Spoken Tutorial which began in 2009, has been promoting IT literacy for education and employment for Youth as well as promoting health career education focused on pregnancy, maternal health care and recently on COVID -19.

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Spoken Tutorial 2
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Spoken Tutorials have a better mode to reach wider communities in rural areas

Vuka Social app could provide the users with a wide range of options to publish content with much ease. The content type extends beyond texts, images and videos to blogs, websites and podcasts to highlight few. Flexibility to frame content in various formats empowers users to express and elucidate them in the most convenient manner.

Vuka Social provides user controls which are easy to manage

Spoken Tutorial has been empowering communities and is reaching out to wider communities in rural areas and empower FLWs such as ASHAs as well as communities to access vital health information and training materials in their own languages.
Spoken Tutorial is utilizing the GAIUS platform to push pregnancy, maternal health as well COVID-19 related information including basic hygiene content in 22 Indian languages.​ The success of this project across both phases can impact FLWs across all Indian states overcoming the two challenges faced by the FLWs i.e. availability of local language content on healthcare and accessibility of Information for front line training. The videos being self-learning material can help FLWs in answering queries regarding health care in the rural villages. Our platform is functioning as an information hub facilitating remote training of the FLWs which is necessary during a pandemic as COVID-19. The platform is also having an impact in community health awareness and mobilization through access to the information enabled through this project. The information hub canal can impact community surveillance, regular monitoring and follow- ups within the community. ​GAIUS has proven its potential to impact access to information, social and health services and capacity development.

GAIUS as an educational platform

GAIUS has enabled a wider option for Spoken Tutorial to create and publish targeted self- learning educational content for rural youth that will help them identify, get trained and develop key skills. Spoken Tutorial has started publishing all their existing content (in 22 Indian languages) on the GAIUS platform as well as adopted it as their core educational platform for engaging with rural communities across India.

Future of the platform as remote connectivity enabler

Considering Spoken Tutorial is funded by the Government of India, Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD), the project also helps GAIUS directly engage with the HRD Ministry on similar initiatives across India. We hence believe this project can be a direct enabler for GAIUS to scale across India and have significant impact across rural India leading to capacity development, employment, creation of new local businesses and hence having direct impact on incomes and poverty reduction. Our platform will embed ​impact monitoring by understanding user take up via content views, shares that would be mapped by regular ethnographic studies/surveys to derive impact indicators that would classify how our platform has impacted diverse sets of user segments(women, old, disabilities, etc). To enable users without mobile phones and Internet access, community champions are to be recruited and left out users would be encouraged to participate via them.

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